The Ghana-Norway Chamber of Commerce

The Ghana-Norway Chamber of Commerce and Industry G-NCCI is a non-profit organization registered as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies’ Code of Ghana, Act 179, 1963.

We are proud to operate under the auspices of the G-NCCI and we continue to work to have a number of Ghanaian institutions as members, partners and collaborators. We will be seeking the support and recognition of the Royal Norwegian Embassy as well as Norfund (the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries) in Accra, Ghana.

With our affiliation to the G-NCCI, we are able to work with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, as well as other institutions interested in the promotion of trade and cultural exchanges between Ghana and Norway.


About Us

G-NCCI was originally founded by the late Elikplim Kofi Adonu Atitsogbui in the year 2003. The Chamber was later revitalised by Thomas Kwashie Attopley and Sjur Eirik Dyrbeck.

The Chamber was established to develop, promote and sustain commercial, economic, educational, cultural and industrial ties between the Republic of Ghana and Norway for the best interests of its members and partners.

The government of Norway is known to be more in favour of trade, as opposed to aid. This posture gives impetus to the Ghana-Norway Chamber as a non-profit organisation seeking to create a platform to promote trade between the two countries. Thus, the objectives of the Chamber comprise; Read More...


If you share our vision and you believe our objectives are in line with yours, join us today...

Membership is open to individuals, or corporate organisations registered and eligible to do business in either Norway and or Ghana. Thus, membership is open to persons and companies with business relations in/ with Ghana and/ or Norway. Legally resident and registered entities within the ECOWAS region with Norwegian business interests are also eligible.

Categories of membership include;
• Patrons
• Corporates
• NGOs, Individuals, Sole Proprietorships and SMEs
• Gold Membership
• Platinum Membership

How to Join


Download and complete membership registration form. DOWNLOAD FORM HERE
Submit completed/ signed membership registration form with the following documents;

1 Certificate of Incorporation or Copy of Passport

2 Certificate to Commence Business or Residence Permit (if non-Ghanaian)

3 Brief Profile of yourself or your organisation


Category of MembershipAnnual Fee
(1) Bronze Membership – Individuals and SMEs$ 500.00
(2) Silver Membership – Corporates$ 1,200.00
(3) Gold Membership – Corporates$ 2,100.00
(4) Platinum Membership – Corporates$ 3,000.00
(5) Patrons – Individuals and Corporates$ 4,000.00


• Patrons Members of the G-NCCI are entitled to free or heavily discounted participation in its local and international trade fairs, networking cocktails, reduced service charges, etc.
Membership also gives you access to our directory of members to facilitate networking and match making.
Membership helps to improve the visibility of your business and increase your network of business contacts and professionals, boost reputation and credibility of your enterprise.
• Corporates
• NGOs, Individuals, Sole-proprietorships and SMEs
• Gold Members
• Platinum Members


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