About Us

G-NCCI was originally founded by the late Elikplim Kofi Adonu Atitsogbui in the year 2003.

The Chamber was later revitalised by Thomas Kwashie Attopley and Sjur Eirik Dyrbeck. The Chamber was established to develop, promote and sustain commercial, economic, educational, cultural and industrial ties between the Republic of Ghana and Norway for the best interests of its members and partners.

The government of Norway is known to be more in favour of trade, as opposed to aid. This posture gives impetus to the Ghana-Norway Chamber as a non-profit organisation seeking to create a platform to promote trade between the two countries. Thus, the objectives of the Chamber comprise;

• Developing, promoting and sustaining trade and investment between Ghana and Norway
• Encouraging cultural, technical and educational exchanges between Ghana and Norway
• Provide a platform for networking and for high-level governmental cooperation on the afore-mentioned

The above will be achieved through periodic business meetings, seminars and conferences, dissemination of information as well as through match-making and trade fairs.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to promote and increase trade between Ghana and Norway.

Our Vision is to be the point of call for Ghanaian and Norwegian businesses and entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in Ghana and Norway.